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Thank you so much for being interested in our brand! A great reason to represent us is that we carry items that nobody else on the internet does. This past year we had the only white life sized palm tree on the internet which made their way to living rooms, events, playrooms, Christmas cards and even Kyle Richard's white party on Sofi stadium! We truly cannot keep them in stock. Move over fiddle leaf figs, we are introducing colored trees and taking pre-orders right now for what we predict will be a massively viral decor trend & you can be a part of it. We offer generous affiliate commissions straight away for sharing our items/website, free gifts if the product you want to showcase is less than 100.00, a free 1000.00 gift card for you to shop with after you have been the reason for 3,000.00 or more of sales OR If 5 people buy a palm tree with your link, you get a free tree of any size or color. When our products are not on sale, we offer discount codes to your followers as well.

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